Machina Advertising

My adventure with computer design began in 1991 when I first had the opportunity to edit vector graphics in Corel Draw 2. Raster graphics reigned Aldus PhotoStyler - very poor competitor then Photoshop. Polish advertising industry has just developed. At the time, I dealt with a small printing and got to know the ins and outs of three-dimensional graphics. I started working with the agency Pc-Media, which specialized in the production of television computer animation. In 1996 I started working at an full service advertising agency. It was an agency made up of people who have gained their experience in the ARRS and then set up their own structure. The Forum had the good fortune and pleasure to work with the best at the time, specialists in the field of creative advertising. I had the opportunity to learn so many interesting issues of outstanding graphics, from Darek Skibicki, artistic director of the agency. Also Bogdan Bialecki, creative director directed my attention to the things important and unimportant in the building of the advertising message. In this arrangement, the cooperation was very effectively and to mutual affection united us. There he experiened the first nationwide advertising efforts - the Forum agency received a statuette Golden Eagles. A publication of the advertisement in formal debating furniture Forte, starring Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski were for a time on the lips of the entire Poland. The natural course of things is the desire to try their hand under their own banner. Together with a group of friends founded the advertising agency Adidea which existed relatively briefly. After this experience, I worked with an advertising agency Effectica, B & J, and Goldenmark. While working for these entities have worked for a variety of clients with a wide variety of fields. They were often global brands. I do appreciate the cooperation with T-Systems, a computer part of the German giant Deutsche Telekom, for which I carried out the work very well described in a global corporate identity. For ten years successfully run my own advertising agency Machina Advertising. I hope that the contents of the tabs "Graphic Design" and "Clients" will encourage you to cooperate with me.


Yours sincerely

Gregory Kuraszkiewicz